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Stretch or shrink spaces, Manton limited to not effect people and is harder to use around people.

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Shaker 9

Trigger Edit

Parents' divorce

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Perhaps as described by an entity, or a GU name. Or a fanon name suggested for use in the fic (please differentiate)

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Filling in space

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Decoy Copies

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Can quickly fill a space with static copies of Playlist, wearing her costume. The copies are arranged in a grid with linked hands, and stand on on another's shoulders for vertical filling.

The copies can easily by dispelled by a gentle strike, but they will block even a heavy blow once.

Counter Edit

The copies appear to be alive to Vista's power, preventing her from warping or unwarping the space they fill. However they do not move and appear to possess no true signs of life.

Tests Edit

Vista could not at all affect a room filled with copies.

An oil rig that had been expanded by Vista was then filled with copies. When Vista tried to remove her power, the space stayed stretched. As Playlist left the area, the copies began to 'pop' and space returned to its normal shape with no further action from Vista.

Notable Uses Edit

Interesting/major things done with the power (don't need to list every single use)

Classification Edit

Shaker 4

Possession Details Edit

Upon joining the Wards and regularly thereafter

Medleys  Edit

Can be reinforced with Solidify, thus making a visible wall of copies that are not so easily dispelled

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Notable benefits of using this remix with other parahumans