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Unspecified abuse (stepfather)

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Solidify, Air Shield, Air Blade

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Turns gasses and liquids solid by freezing them in space. The effect can be broken by sufficient force, but can be strengthened by supplying additional power. Freezing matter that's out of arms' reach requires growing a beam or branch off an already frozen area.

Blocks physical attacks but not radiation based attacks.

Can create monomolecular edges capable of cutting through steel. This is Manton limited: the edge collapses upon contact with human flesh.

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Shadow Stalker can be frozen and contained when in her shadow form.

Frozen air is visible to Shadow Stalker: hard for her to see through.

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Air Blade tested on Aegis: determined to not work on flesh

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Shaker 5

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Playlist encounters Shadow Stalker in school regularly, so this is her oldest remix.

It is known to last for an entire weekend.

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Useful for stopping or redircting motion caused by Rubberise from Alexandria

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