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Dragon-form regeneration and pyrokinesis, both scaling up as battle escalates.

Classification Edit

Brute 4-9, Blaster 2-6

Trigger Edit

Lethal drug ingestion

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Sometimes called Escalation in fanon.

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dual, part ice and part sleep, activated separately

Description Edit

Can create ice on surfaces, including solidified air/water from Solidify power. Amount and coldness scaled with the intensity of the conflict with Lung.

Can cause sleep in nearby people (only Lung confirmed). Only available after several minutes of conflict with Lung.

Counter Edit

Ice coldness and thickness scales to match his fire. Sleep (when available) was sufficient to send him to sleep very quickly.

Tests Edit

This remix has not been used since Lung's capture

Notable Uses Edit

Capture of Lung

Classification Edit

Shaker/Master 3-6 depending on level of conflict

Possession Details Edit

Playlist encountered Lung on her first night out as a cape. She has not remixed him since.

Medleys  Edit

Ice and Solidify work well together: Solidify provides a surface for the creation of ice, and the ice reinforces the solid region. Solidify works even better on water from the melted ice, and even on steam if it is vaporised.

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Notable benefits of using this remix with other parahumans