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Shoot lasers, control lasers, turn into a laser!

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Mover, Blaster, Breaker, LAZOR

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Cauldron forumula

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Perhaps as described by an entity, or a GU name. Or a fanon name suggested for use in the fic (please differentiate)

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Two parts: field that reduces/increases light based on direction, turning objects into 'static light'

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Doppler Field, Static Light Conversion

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Doppler Field: Edit

Reduces the frequency and intensity of light moving towards Playlist, within a range of approximately forty yards. Light moving away from her is similarly increased. The amount of decrease and increase is proportional to the angle between the direction of the light and the direction to Playlist.

The field can be activated or deactivated instantaneously.

Light passing all the way through the Doppler Field appears unchanged. Light reflected off objects within the Doppler field appears blueshifted as it moves away from Playlist subsequent to reflection. To Playlist, all light outside the field appears redshifted and dimmed.

Static Light Converstion: Edit

Contact with Playlist's skin converts objects into a ghostly 'holographic' form which is partly translucent and glows softly. In this form, objects do not interact with Playlist, though they are strongly repelled by contact with other objects. Only affects whole objects, no larger than human sized. Objects retain their momentum while in this form, and return to normal once they lose contact with Playlist's skin. Attempts to trap an object by intersecting it with other objects, or force objects to merge, failed due the repulsive force.

Useful as a defence against physical attacks, though the skin contact requirement is problematic. (Does not combine with Rubber Form)

Counter Edit

Doppler Field: Edit

Legend's lasers are rendered harmless to Playlist by the field. Legend cannot redirect or split his lasers while they are within the field.

When Legend is within the field, his lasers leaving the field are amplified significantly.

When Legend is in his light form, he is accelerated or decelerated depending on direction of travel, as above.

Leaving the field under acceleration causes spontaneous emission of laser light of multiple colours and directions, accompanied by a sonic boom. This has never, and will never, be referred to by anyone as 'Sonic Rainboom'

Tests Edit

A lot of testing with Legend

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Interesting/major things done with the power (don't need to list every single use)

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Doppler Field: Edit

Shaker 8

Static Light Converstion:

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Once for testing with triumvirate

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Notable benefits of using this remix with other remixes

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Doppler Field is very powerful with Legend or other energy blasters