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Can build anything, but only once. Duplication of any component increases chance of failure

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Trigger Edit

Information about trigger event (if any)

Shard Source Edit

i.e. which entity it came from

Shard Name Edit

Perhaps as described by an entity, or a GU name. Or a fanon name suggested for use in the fic (please differentiate)

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Feeling Edit

Duplication, add/remove errors

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Description Edit

On touching a device, create a copy. The copy persists only while Playlist is touching it.

Counter Edit

Removed the errors (flickering) from Leet's holographic projector sword (which would give Playlist an advantage in a fight limited to those swords).

Tests Edit

Only used once: unknown if there are other modes of operation

Notable Uses Edit

Impressed Leet to the point that he promised to publicly renounce villainy for the chance of access to this power

Classification Edit

Tinker Shaker ?

Possession Details Edit

Once, at start of Bakuda fight near trainyard

Medleys  Edit

Notable benefits of using this remix with other remixes

Featuring Edit

Expected to be very useful alongside any Tinker