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A place to collect and organise information relating to Heels over Head, a Worm fanfic by Hotdog Vendor, especially the remixes (powers) available to the protagonist of the story, Playlist.


Heels over Head is a work of fanfiction set in the world of Worm by wildbow. It is published on the website SufficientVelocity and mirrored at SpaceBattles.

Worm has it's own wikia page at

The main purpose of this wiki is to provide an easily searchable record of all the different remixes (powers) available to Playlist, as she has a new one for every parahuman she encounters.

Please see Power Pages Meta for the details of what information is being recorded for each power.

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    Comment: I feel like it'll be interesting if Taylor had the power to know what path Contessa is on and how to best sabotage each step perfectly. 
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