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Upon touching a person or object, can freeze it in time for a random duration (generally between half a minute and five minutes). This can be used to turn any object into a temporary unbreakable shield, to prevent an opponent from attacking or escaping, or to preserve an injured person while waiting for medical attention.

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Striker 7

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Father's leukemia

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Perhaps as described by an entity, or a GU name. Or a fanon name suggested for use in the fic (please differentiate)

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None other than presence when passive. Freedom/activity when active

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Time Walk

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Activates automatically when frozen by Clockblocker or other source of temporal distortion such as Bakuda's bombs.

Phase 1: For the (random) duration of temporal statis effect, allows continued brain function but no body movement. Outside world appears to be frozen

Phase 2: For assumed similar/same duration immediately after Clockblocker's temporal stasis effect ends, outside world continues to appear frozen outsize a very tight bubble (allows some air to move out of the way, but movement is impeded). Can leave objects (pendant from costume) behind, temporal effects are unknown.

Cannot move large objects, such as humans, but can move parts, such as fingers.

No evidence of actual temporal stasis in surrounding area: local accelerated temporal field or perpendicular temporal direction???

Counter Edit

Touching objects frozen by Clockblocker's power has no effect on Playlist.

While using Time Walk (Phase 2 above), touching an object frozen by Clockblocker's power will unfreeze it relative to Clockblocker. Small objects can then be moved by Playlist, but not large ones, as above.

Tests Edit

Repeated testing of attempting to move objects (Clock Blocked and normal) of various sizes while Time Walking

Notable Uses Edit

To save time changing into costume (pre Bakuda fight near trainyard) (this was rather difficult due to size of clothing objects), to escape Bakuda's temporal bomb

Classification Edit

Mover/Breaker 8?

Possession Details Edit

Upon joining the Wards and regularly thereafter

Medleys  Edit

Thinker powers work while Time Walking, but Blaster abilities (Glitch) do not

Featuring Edit

Usually only usable with Clockblocker's cooperation