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Power Edit

Short intervals of extreme speed and strength. Must charge between intervals and must not personally move while charging. Charging affects physiology, as the power is stored biologically.

Classification Edit

Mover 4

Trigger Edit

Cauldron formula (bought to capture Madcap)

Shard Source Edit


Shard Name Edit

Perhaps as described by an entity, or a GU name. Or a fanon name suggested for use in the fic (please differentiate)

Remix Edit

Feeling Edit

Energy drain

Description Edit

Untested (determined, not yet revealed in story)

Counter Edit

How the power interacts with the remixed parahuman, if known. (or speculation, labelled as such)

Tests Edit

Any testing done to determine the application or limits of the power

Notable Uses Edit

Interesting/major things done with the power (don't need to list every single use)

Classification Edit

Potential Striker, Blaster, or Shaker 5+

Possession Details Edit

Once: passed in transit to PHQ

Medleys  Edit

Notable benefits of using this remix with other remixes

Featuring Edit

Notable benefits of using this remix with other parahumans