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Bomb Tinker (devices which activate once? devices which are destroyed on activation?)

Classification Edit

Tinker 6

Trigger Edit

College grade related issues

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Shard Name Edit

Perhaps as described by an entity, or a GU name. Or a fanon name suggested for use in the fic (please differentiate)

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Feeling Edit

See how to stop devices from activating

Name Edit

Defuse Sense

Description Edit

On looking at a device, shows ways of preventing that device from activating. This includes ways of using other powers, if Playlist thinks about using those powers.

Counter Edit

Was used to defuse bombs made by Bakuda

Tests Edit

Any testing done to determine the application or limits of the power

Notable Uses Edit

Used to defuse bombs to rescue Hellhound, used to prevent Bakuda from blowing up any more of her (unwilling) followers

Classification Edit

Thinker 6


Possession Details Edit

Only once, during fight with Bakuda near trainyard.

Medleys  Edit

Used extensively with Glitch from Uber.

Showed how to disassemble a bomb using Air Blade from Shadow Stalker (though did not help with the required dexterity to succeed at this)

Featuring Edit

Notable benefits of using this remix with other parahumans