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Alexandria package. (ha)

Flight, strength, toughness (only damaged by Siberian), super intelligence including photographic memory

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Mover, Brute, Thinker 6

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Cauldron Formula

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Perhaps as described by an entity, or a GU name. Or a fanon name suggested for use in the fic (please differentiate)

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Feeling Edit

Three parts: confusion, weight ray, rubber form conversion

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Rubber Form, Weight Ray, Memory Transplant Aura

Description Edit

Rubber Form: Edit

Converts self (including costume) into a highly elastic form of unknown composition.

Allows Playlist to bounce and stretch, and prevents damage and pain.

Tendency to return to original shape (set at activation) causes some difficulty in locomotion.

Floats in water.

Invulnerability allows Playlist to be thrown long distances, and to penetrate structures given sufficient application of force.

Weight Ray: Edit

Fires a dark translucent beam which increases the effect of gravity on people (not other objects) Effect stops immediately upon removal of ray.

Useful to stop flight, immobilise opponents, or to induce rapid downwards motion in self.

Use on self is best combined with Rubber Form for protection from impacts and redirection of momentum.

Use on self is especially powerful when combined with Solidify for mid-air redirection and halting motion.

Memory Transplant Aura: Edit

Within six feet, replaces long-term memories with Playlist's memories. Does not affect short-term memories, so the change is not immediately obvious.

On end of effect (cancellation or leaving range), affected targets' memories are restored. Memories of the duration of the effect are removed from affected targets and given to Playlist.

Does not appear to allow Playlist to obtain personal memories of affected targets.

Only tested on Alexandria: affect may be different on others due to Alexandria's Thinker power.

Effects are likely to depend on the quality of the targets' memories and on whether or not Playlist engaged them in conversation prior to activating this power.

Effectiveness against multiple targets is unknown.

Likely works by causing targets to access her memories rather than their own. Testing on Miss Militia (who does not forget) would determine this, but the alternative result would leave her with a permanent copy of Playlist's memories, so this is not advised.

Effects of prolonged exposure are unknown.

Counter Edit

Rubber Form: Edit

Prevents damage from Alexandria. When stretched, force can pull Alexandria

Weight Ray: Edit

Can make Alexandria lose altitude when flying

Memory Transplant Aura: Edit

Effects on Alexandria:

Upon questioning her identity, Alexandria believed herself to be Playlist.

Due to Playlist's memories of conversation with Alexandria, Alexandria initially concluded that Playlist was Alexandria. Later noticed that Playlist was wearing 'her' costume (that is, Playlist's costume, while thinking herself to be Playlist). Was also aware that she had Alexandria's powers (i.e. her own, while thinking that Playlist was Alexandria) which shows that powers are not affected.

Tests Edit

Rubber Form: Edit

Tested with Alexandria, including throwing through iron wall, bouncing, stretching, floating

Weight Ray: Edit

Tested on Alexandria and Eidolon.

Works on self (with Rubber Form for safety)

Attempted on fire extinguisher: no effect

Memory Transplant Aura: Edit

Tested twice on Alexandria, the second time only briefly to determine range

Notable Uses Edit

Interesting/major things done with the power (don't need to list every single use)

Classification Edit

Rubber Form: Edit

Changer/Brute 7

Weight Ray: Edit

Blaster 6

Memory Transplant Aura: Edit

Master 7

Possession Details Edit

Once for testing

Medleys  Edit

Rubber Form and Weight Ray (on self) work well together, with Solidify added they make a Mover (7) power

Featuring Edit

Rubber Form works well with any power which can throw/launch Playlist

Memory Transplant Aura has certain... possibilities for working with capes who would not otherwise be willing